"Curly Haircuts: Cut It Yourself
And Have Fun"

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You can cut it yourself.

Do you know the style you want for your curly hair?


Are you good with a pair of hair-cutting shears?

With a little know-how, you can cut your curly hair.

Curly hair is a challenge to cut but it can be so much fun to work with. It just takes confidence and a little savvy.

Are you feeling brave enough to cut your curly hair?

Go ahead and cut it yourself.

IF you know how to cut curly hair, you can explore with any style at any length.

IF not, go to a professional stylist.

I repeat...

"Go to a professional stylist if you don't know enough to cut your own curly hair."

I hope you heard that...

It's nothing like growing out a weird curly cut while spending the next 3 months saying, "Oh, I meant to do that."

Here's a hint...
Any cutting technique you use on curly hair will give you different results than if you were cutting straight hair.

I’ve cut my own hair. It’s not hard. It just takes patience and a few mirrors when it comes time to see the back of your head. ;)

Still want to cut it yourself?

That's good news. I'm excited and feeling brave enough for the both of us.

This is going to be fun!

Where To Start...

It helps to have a picture of the desired cut in front of you or have a vivid image of the hairstyle in your head.

Make sure the picture is a curly hairstyle. Cutting your curly hair using a straight style as a guide can be misleading. The cut will not look the same.

Determine what cut you already have.

Are you slightly changing your current style?


Creating a brand new cut?

For example, going from a blunt cut to a graduated cut.

Do you need a refresher on haircuts before you can decide?

No problem. Read about the different types of cuts then come back hear when you're done.

Are you done? Great.

Let's look at what you need to cut it yourself.

What Do I Need...

The best place to cut your curly hair is in the bathroom.

Why the bathroom? Good lighting, large wall mirror(s), and access to water all in one place. Cut it yourself and minimize cleaning time.

You will also need a...

-Chair or stool for sitting
-Spray pump for water to keep the hair wet while you cut
-Hand mirror to see the back of your head.

This next list is all inclusive of hair-cutting tools you may need; it all depends on the cut. A few of these you may already have.

-Clippers with/guard(s)
-Edgers (smaller version of clippers used to remove excess unwanted hair at the neckline and around the ears. Used on very short haircuts.)
-Hair-cutting shears
-Sectioning clamps or clips
-Styling or cutting comb
-Thinning shears (used to remove weight or bulk from the hair)
-Wide-tooth comb

The next three (3) tools are not recommended for use on curly hair. I mentioned them just in case have them at home.

-Barber comb (the comb’s teeth are too narrow for combing curly hair)
-Straight razor (razor cut on curly hair will weaken the cuticle and cause the hair to frizz)
-Tail comb (can use tail-end of comb to part hair only but the comb-end is too narrow for curly hair)

For demonstration purposes, let's say your hair is shoulder length with no definition, quite frizzy and unmanageable. Cut it yourself and re-gain control of your curly hairdo in an instant.

We'll do a blunt cut, cutting the hair one length with zero elevation.

A Simple Cut...

The blunt cut is the simplest cut to master. Learn basic steps to curly hair-cutting while building the confidence to cut it yourself.

To start...

1. Put a towel around your shoulders and use your spray pump to wet the hair for control while cutting.

2. Section the hair in 4 sections; using clips to hold in place.

3. Use the point end of the tail comb to make a 1 inch horizontal part at the nape on the back 2 sections. Re-clip the back 2 sections and leave the hair you parted at the base of the nape down.

You are creating a guide for the entire hair length for your blunt cut.

4. Now determine how short you want the cut.

Remember: When your curly hair dries it will be shorter than when wet. So cut the hair slightly longer than intended.

5. Use a wide tooth comb to comb through the hair.

6. Starting in the middle of the sectioned hair you parted at the nape, cut to the desired length. Do not put too much tension on the hair.

Start in the middle of the section and then balance the rest of the section to that initial cut. Keep you head level and do not lean into the cut or lean your head toward the scissors while cutting.

7. Now cut either side of the section the same length as the guide cut in the middle.

Repeat 5-7 until you like the length of the base guide. The hair will appear graduated even though you are cutting it one length.

8. If you are satisfied with the length, take down the back two sections, make a 1 inch horizontal part above the last part at the nape.

9. Comb down the hair with a wide tooth comb. Using the last section as a guide and cut the middle of the new section the same length as the guide section.

10. Cut both sides of the new section the same length as the sides of the last section.

Re-wet the hair if necessary. Use your hand mirror to check your work.

Do you notice a pattern? Part and section the hair, using the previous cuts as a guide, cut the hair until you're done with the back 2 sections.

Use the hand mirror to check your work.

11. Release the front section of the hair. Part a 1 inch horizontal section above the ear. Re-clip the rest of the section.

12. Comb the hair down with the wide tooth comb. Keep your head level and cut the section the same length as the previously cut hair.

13. Now work through the section the same as you did the back two sections.

There is a tendency to comb the hair forward. Be sure to keep the hair level and cut each parted section in line with the ear.

14. Re-dampen the hair to keep it from drying.

15. Use minimal tension when cutting.

Repeat steps 11-12 on the last front section on the opposite side of the head.

When you're finish cutting, use the hand mirror to admire your work.

Beautifully done.

And you cut it yourself.

You did a marvelous job!

By mastering the simple techniques of a blunt cut, you can easily complete other cuts when you want a design change.

Be sure to use the best hair products and top hair care tips to maintain your new curly haircut.

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