"Want to Learn How To
Manage Your Curly Hair?"

Look amazing all the time by learning to manage your curly hair. With a little "know-how", time, and effort you can have the look you always wanted; beautifully-controlled fabulous hair.

Most people think you can just let curly hair go and it'll be fine.

Not really!

You have to have control or it can quickly get out of hand.

Curly Hair for the Winter
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But be encouraged because it does not have to be a daily challenge. You can have the style and versatility you always wanted.

Don’t go anywhere else with unruly hair...but show up with hair that turns heads.

Okay, maybe you’re not trying to turn heads. But looking great never hurt anybody.

Quite often I get asked this question...

“What do you use on your hair?”

I have naturally curly hair and ladies of all ages, backgrounds and cultures approach me wanting to know what techniques and products I use to manage my hair. Even moms with small children ask what I use to maintain my curls.

That leads me to believe there are others struggling with the daily challenge of working with curly, spiraled hair.

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with my hair for years. But I have since learned to embrace my spiraled texture and flaunt my hair in any occasion.

It's so much fun to create hairstyles that fit my lifestyle. With the right hair cut, great hair care, and top hair products, I am now confident my hair looks great all the time.

And you can too!

--->No more taking a rain check on dinner invitations.

--->Gone are the days of feeling uncomfortable at work.

--->And, no more using the proverbial “hat” as a fashion back-up.

I have spent time and money trying to change the coiled pattern of my hair.

Pressing combs, blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons and relaxers. You name it.

But once it got wet, the curls always came back.

You can just imagine my frustration.

Has this happened to you?

You’re at a formal wedding reception. While sitting at the dinner table catching up with family and friends, you began to feel light headed. You excuse yourself from the table and go to the lady’s room.

In the restroom you check the mirror. Shoes, fierce! Dress, to die for! Makeup, still fresh! So what’s making you feel a little odd? Then you see the culprit. Aaaahhggg! It’s your hair.

When you left the house, your hair was in place and neatly styled. In the car mirror, you were still looking good.

But with the stuffiness of the room, your hair began to swell, frizz, and come undone. Your hair has now taken on a life of its own…

--->This story gives you a pretty good idea how most of my hair days would go. Frizzy and puffy, a "no-style" hairstyle. But I longed for great looking hair, and so do you.

Back to the story...

What do you think I did to regain some glamour?

You guessed it.

I leaned over the sink and fingered tap water through my hair to calm it down. Three times that evening, I would have to go to the restroom to re-wet and finger-comb my hair. What a drag!

But I don’t live like that anymore.

With the right hairstyle and cut, good hair care, and the right products, I can come and go without my hair being an embarrassment.

You have to learn what styles and products work best for your hair type and discover how to maintain your curls with quick care tips.

Curly Hair Loose CurlPhoto courtesy of Espen Hansen

---> Get your concerns and questions answered.

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You’re just clicks away from managing your curly hair.

Now you’ll feel fabulous where ever you go because you know your hair looks marvelous!

Ready? Let’s have some fun...

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